Der bedingte Reflex

Conditional reflex is a term in behavioural biology. It describes a reaction pattern, that is not inborn, but learned associatively. A routine mission grows into a perilous challenge for inexperienced cadet Pirx and his technology minded colleague Doctor Langner. Starting with curios radio signals, the security system at an isolated measuring station begins to threaten their crew. Based on Stanislaw Lem’s Odruch Warunkowy.

Length 23 min | Storyboard, Direction and Editing Moritz Füllgrabe | Screenplay Moritz Füllgrabe, Philipp Bank | Score Gregor Sonnenberg | Sound Design Michael König | Narrators Lars Schmitdke, Hans Bayer | Mastering Ralf Schipke | Production Moritz Füllgrabe, KHM Academy of Media Arts, Cologne